Ken Thibado
The Adirondack Jeweler

Working with clients is what I do!

Sentimental rebuilds from important heirloom jewelry is an emotional business.  Talking directly to the pair of hands that will work on your treasured jewelry is an important perk.

It would be my pleasure to work with you.
from safe shipping, to accurate planning and estimates, I keep you informed as you inform the project.

Building meaningful jewelry makes my job meaningful.

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An artist in the genre of jewelry & a classically trained Jeweler

I'm a native Adirondacker, who returned to the mountains a goldsmith & jewelry designer.

Born and raised in the Old Forge area, my formal jewelry education, with honors, spans Munson Williams Proctor Art Institute to The Maine College of Art. 

As an industry goldsmith, I learned the jewelry trade by working in it for over two decades. 

Now, with a studio of my own, my "artfully educated" mind guides my experienced hands in original endeavors, and recreations.

This website is a library of unique projects.
It's continually updated, and constantly growing.   

Thank you for the visit, and please feel free to contact me about any jewelry curiosity, or pursuit. 


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