A Halo of a Tale

A sterling silver pendant
featuring a rose gold Met’s insignia
and an old wedding band

 The full story is below

“The man was a wizard with a garden hoe.”  My friend was relaying to me how it was he became an Angels fan.  The California Angels, near Los Angeles, but actually located in Anaheim… those Angels.

It turns out that my friend is also a Mets fan, because his grandfather was a Mets fan.  His grandfather taught him baseball as they listened to Mets games on a transistor radio, usually out in the garden.

Then Nolan Ryan went to the California Angels, and my friend's heart went there with him.  Even after Nolan left the Angels to return to his native state of Texas, my friend remained, and remains a diehard Angels fan.

It all started in a garden, with a transistor radio tuned to a Mets game.  It makes perfect sense when you know the story.

We could not locate his grandfather’s wedding band, which would’ve been a splendid gesture to use as the halo on the Angels’ A.  Instead I used an old wedding band I had on hand to reference the sentiment we intended.