Our Mountains

Upon the passing of her husband, this client had me build a tribute to their marriage and home,  from the gold and diamonds of their wedding rings.

The original wedding set.  

I combined much of the gold into a raw nugget
From which I carved a stylized faceted mountain.

Gold from all three rings was forged into this raw ring.

In this mountain I set 14 diamonds
To represent their 14 years of marriage.
"Our Mountain"

With the 38 remaining diamonds
I outlined three mountain peaks
To reference The Three Sisters mountains
from their home in the Tennessee Smokies


The princess cut diamond and baguettes outline The Three Sisters

I fill in the mountains
sing segments of his wedding band
Along with the remaining diamonds

Her engagement diamond
Is located roughly where
Their cabin resides
Among The Three Sisters

Slide shows of each; from sketches, to progress shots, and final photos are available here:
Our Mountain Ring
Three Sisters